PostdoctoralPostdoctoral education plays an important role in the research enterprise of The Florida State University. Postdoctoral appointments provide recent Ph.D. recipients with an opportunity to further develop the research skills acquired in their doctoral programs or to learn new research techniques. Visit The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Website to learn more about The Florida State University's Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, events, and resources available to current postdoctoral fellows.

FSU Postdoctoral Scholar Definition

  • The appointee was awarded a Ph.D. or equivalent doctorate (e.g., Sc.D., M.D.) in an appropriate field within 5 years prior to appointment. Exceptions can be made on an individual basis when justifiable and accompanied by supporting documents with prior approval from the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.
  • The appointment is a temporary traineeship; with a maximum total tenure of 4 years at FSU. Under special circumstances as approved in advance by the provost, postdoc appointments may be renewed for an additional year for a maximum of five years total. At the end of the training period, it is expected that the postdoc will move into a non-postdoctoral position either at FSU or elsewhere.
  • The appointment is viewed as preparatory for the trainee's career.
  • The appointment involves substantial mentored training in a field relevant to the trainee's career path, including research, scholarship, or teaching.
  • The appointee works under the mentorship of a faculty member.
  • When appropriate and with the approval of the advisor the appointee is encouraged to publish research or scholarship results during the period of the appointment.
  • All appointments will be classified as a postdoc under the employee class in OMNI.

Welcome" Mini-Orientation Sessions for New Postdoctoral Scholars on Campus


Dates:  Oct 30, 2017 (Full Orientation set for August 17, 2017)

If you are a new postdoctoral scholar to the FSU campus, this “Welcome” is a nice brown bag lunch activity that will fit into your busy research schedule.   The design will be limited to strictly a 1 hour session, where you will receive the essentials of getting your research started at FSU and have access to Human Resources and Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Staff.  At this time, you will also be introduced to the Postdoctoral Association (PDA) - your peer network of postdocs on campus.  Attending a “welcome” in your few months of employment at FSU will serve to fulfill your mandatory orientation.  Visuals from the January Welcome can be found in the presentation archive section of the OPDA website.  For more information, contact Debi Fadool, at .

Please check back here for the registration link to open for the August 17, 2017 Orientation.

Hiring Procedures and Coding Recommendation

  • All postdoctoral scholars are OPS appointees, hired under job code M9189 (M9189N for international scholars), exceptions can be made on an individual basis when justifiable and accompanied by supporting documents. Courtesy postdoctoral scholars are hired under job code H9189. Scholars are provided healthcare benefits if and as required by the state of Florida.

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